Summer’s Over but Don’t stop Loving your Shrubs…

plants in winterLets face it; the summer is over. While the summer “officially” ends at the end of September, it’s known as Labor Day has come and gone, it’s all over. Although the leaves will soon be dying and the foliage will be falling to colorful retirements, fall can also be a time of renewal. Why should spring get all the credit for a being a time for rebirth?
Fall is just as rebirth-y, you just don’t realize it yet. When it comes to landscaping, there is perhaps no better time to work on it than in the fall, as per this article in The article seems to suggests that landscaping represents a way to feel a renewed vigor in the dark months of autumn and we’re inclined to agree with them. It is certainly a lot more work than in the summer months, which is why you should hire a professional landscaping company.
George McNair writes, “Summer is slipping by and some homeowners are getting tired of their landscapes that have taken on the persona of a monster. Pulling weeds, watering, and mowing the lawn is no longer fun. Detecting the maintenance monsters is important. Shrubs that require lots of pruning or trees that are lifting driveways or foundations are first to go. Starting with your front yard is logical.”
That all seems like a lot of work, but think of it this way: feeling a renewed vigor isn’t easy; it’s hard. By focusing on your front yard, you’re proving to yourself and the neighborhood that you won’t get down simply because the seasons are changing; it means that you still care, still view life with a sunny side optimism. That attitude is contagious and by focusing on landscaping in September or October, you’re slowly starting the new season on the right footing.

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