Tips for Keeping Your Patio in Good Shape

outdoor patio cleaning with high pressure water jet

If you have a patio in your backyard or around your pool, you spend a lot of time walking, sitting, and entertaining on it throughout the year. Your patio is supposed to be the place you enjoy with your family, pets, and loved ones, but if you don’t maintain it, it could start to look worse for wear over time! Fortunately, you can take some simple steps to keep it in good shape.

Here are some helpful tips for maintaining your patio to stay in great condition for years to come!

Sweep Regularly

Grass, leaves, dirt, and other debris can build up on a patio over time. If you don’t remove them, it can lead to staining and alter the color of your patio. Therefore, whenever you see any debris building up on your patio, you should take the time to remove it. By not letting it sit long, it won’t be able to do much harm.

Deep Clean

No matter how hard you try to keep your patio clean, it will get dirty eventually. It’s located outside, so there’s just no getting around it. You can clean it using a mild detergent and a broom or give it a good power wash. Both methods will help keep your patio looking fresh and remove any stains that have set in.

Pro Tip: Vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap solutions also work on just about any patio material but use discretion when using bleach! Although bleach can help eliminate algae and mold, it can harm surrounding plants or grass if it comes in contact with them.

Remove Weeds from Cracks

Weeds can quickly grow from the cracks of your patio, making your space look messy and unkempt. They are a common issue for many homeowners but can easily be removed by regularly pulling out tall weeds or preparing a homemade weed-killing solution. You can combine salt and boiling water and pour this mixture over your weeds to kill them naturally.

If you notice that your weeds seem to be growing out of control or you simply have too many to cater to, a professional landscaping company like VistaPro Landscape & Design can take care of them for you!

Weeding is a tedious, all-consuming task many people lack time to complete. At VistaPro, our professional grounds management services can give you a landscape free of weeds.

Avoid Dragging Furniture

Many people get into the habit of dragging their furniture all over their patio when they are using it. You might not think you’re doing much damage when you do it, but the truth is that furniture can scratch, nick, and blemish your patio if you aren’t careful with it. Pick it up when you move it around rather than dragging your furniture everywhere.

Make Necessary Repairs

As your patio ages and spends years going through the changing seasons, it can acquire a decent amount of inevitable damage. Whether you have cracks that need patching, missing pavers that need to be replaced, or pavers that have settled and are causing tripping hazards, it’s important to get these repairs done as soon as possible to avoid ruining the integrity of the entire patio.

Have Your Patio Sealed

Applying a sealer to your patio can help protect the porous materials against staining and prolong the life of your pavers. The sealer can help prevent weather damage from rain and snow and protect your patio from spills, pool chemicals, and UV rays on those hot summer days.

Whether you need minor repairs, professional patio sealing, or a complete replacement or upgrade, at VistaPro, we work closely with our clients to give them the patio of their dreams! We offer complimentary site evaluations where you can speak with one of our knowledgeable team members about what you envision for the space. Our experienced contractors will then install your new patio

We can also offer patio enhancement options like custom-made outdoor kitchen and BBQ spaces, fire pits and fireplace installations, outdoor woodworking, and more!

Contact us at (301)805-0119 to get more information on all our outdoor living and hardscape services and take your backyard to the next level this year.