Pool Houses

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, a pool house could make a useful addition to your home. Pool houses serve a number of different purposes, and VistaPro Landscape & Design can help you plan and design the right one based on what your needs are.

Pool House Design Services

The level of design required for your pool house will be dependent on what you choose to use it for. In some cases, installing electricity and water will be necessary, so determining why you’d like to install a pool house is the first step in this process.

Some of the most common uses for a pool house include:

  • Storage: A lot goes into using and maintaining a pool, so it makes sense you might need a little more storage space if you have one. Pool houses can be used to hold everything from chemicals and cleaning supplies to toys, towels, and bathing suits.
  • Changing rooms: Pool houses make ideal changing rooms, eliminating the need to have anyone track water through your home to take off their bathing suits.
  • Bathrooms: Pool houses can be used as bathrooms when toilets and showers are installed, giving swimmers a nearby
  • Leisure space: Many people use pool houses as a shaded, indoor space to retreat to when they’re finished swimming.
  • Guest rooms: Depending on the size, pool houses can serve as an additional space for guests to stay.

VistaPro Landscape & Design can also assist with renovating and adding to existing pool houses. For more information about designing and building a pool house in your yard, contact VistaPro Landscape & Design for more information.