How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

man getting his lawnmower ready for the spring season

If you enjoy landscaping, spring is probably your favorite time of year. The winter weather can wreak havoc on your grass, plants, trees, and shrubs, leaving them dormant and covered in mud and snow, making your yard look dreary and lifeless. After a long winter, the spring season gives homeowners a chance to get their yards back into shape and bring new life into the landscape.

Here are a few ways to prepare your lawn for the busy spring season ahead and make your annual maintenance much easier!

Service Your Lawn Equipment

The equipment you rely on to get your landscaping done in the warmer seasons sits untouched for months during the winter. From your lawnmower and weedwhacker to your leaf blower and electric hedge trimmers, these tools need some preventive care before resuming their active duties in the spring. For example, your lawnmower might need its blades sharpened, or it might require an oil change for a start of a new season. Assess your lawn equipment before springtime and ensure everything is running smoothly, so you can get your equipment repaired or replaced on time if necessary.

Test Your Soil

If you are serious about your lawn care, having your soil tested is imperative to have a healthy lawn, especially if you live in a region that experiences a lot of snowfall and cold temperatures. Testing your soil allows you to see what nutrients it lacks if it is too acidic or alkaline, or if you need to add elements like calcium, potassium, or lime. A soil test will tell you exactly what the soil needs so that you can decide which fertilizer or nutrients to purchase and not waste your money on ones that won’t help your lawn at all.

There are many options for soil tests, but they all require you to collect a soil sample from your lawn and place it in a small container or baggie to submit to an expert. You can mail a package or drop it off at your local cooperative extension office.

Remove Unnecessary Objects from Your Lawn

If you had lawn furniture, dog toys, flowerpots, piles of wood, wheel barrels, etc., laying on your lawn all winter long, it’s time to pick these items up and store them elsewhere to prepare your yard for spring. The winter weather did enough damage to your grass, and any objects on your lawn keep the sunlight and nutrients from reaching the soil. It also can create a place for pests to hide and make their homes which you want to avoid.

Perform a Cleanup

The first big cleanup before the spring season goes into full swing is arguably the most important. From winter storms knocking over branches and debris into your yard to a thick layer of autumn leaves seemingly glued to your grass from months prior, there is a lot to remove and to let your lawn breathe again.

It can be overwhelming to walk into your yard, garden rake in hand, and try to tackle your space by yourself. You may not have the time or energy to do a proper cleanup leaving room for mistakes and jeopardizing the integrity of your yard.

At VistaPro Landscape & Design, we understand how important routine seasonal cleanups are to maintain a beautiful yard space. Let us take away the stress and labor of preparing your yard for the warmer months ahead and provide you with our spring cleanup services! We will remove the winter debris from your lawn to ensure it is free from any elements that may impede growth while cutting back seasonal plants and ensuring that the soil and bedding are suitable for planting. We can also make some suggestions on how to improve your yard this spring, setting you up for success once summer arrives.

For more information on our grounds management & landscaping services, call us at (301)805-0119 or fill out our contact form online to get a free consultation and explore how we can enhance your landscape with our various other design services, like deck and patio installations, pools and spas, custom outdoor woodworking and more!