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Why Your Backyard Needs an Outdoor BBQ Area

Outdoor Kitchen area

Who doesn’t love the smoky aroma of grilled food wafting through the air on a beautiful summer evening? Whether it’s a casual weekend cookout or a special occasion, the tantalizing smell of food on the grill brings people together like nothing else. Consider taking your grilling game up a notch this year, and instead of… Read more »

Reasons to Consider an Outdoor Kitchen

Father and daughter preparing a barbecue at an outdoor summer kitchen on a paved patio with a garden umbrella, table and chairs as they grill the meat on the gas BBQ waiting for guests to arrive

If you have a large outdoor area in your backyard, you probably spend a lot of time entertaining and eating, but how much better would that space function if you had an outdoor kitchen? It would prevent you from running in and out of your home while preparing a meal, and it would also allow… Read more »

Getting Your Outdoor Kitchen Ready for Winter

Backyard pool & kitchen

An outdoor kitchen or barbecue makes a great addition to any yard, providing countless opportunities for good food and entertainment! Unfortunately, when winter rolls around a lot of climates are no longer conducive to a comfortable, relaxing backyard meal. When you make an investment in any landscape feature, it’s your responsibility to maintain it year-round… Read more »

Which Outdoor Additions Provide the Best Returns on Investment?

The Best ROI for Landscape Designs

Summertime is the best time of the year to spend outdoors in this part of the country. That said, it helps if you’ve got some cool outdoor additions to your property, and it’s even better when those additions add value to it. What are some of the outdoor additions providing the best ROI (return on… Read more »

These Are the Appliances You Should Add to Your Outdoor Kitchen

Appliances for Outdoor Kitchens

What is a trend in landscape design these days? Outdoor kitchens are all the rage, because they make for a great place/way to entertain guests, as well as serve an important function: they’re a place to make meals. We all need to eat to live, and quality food enhances the joys of life. Reasons to… Read more »