Why Mulching Is Important to Your Home’s Landscape

favorite_borderfilter_none Mulching garden conifer bed with pine tree bark mulch

The spring season is approaching fast, which means it’s time to start preparing and planning how you are going to properly nourish and tend to your landscape and gardens.

Mulching is an important step in ensuring your plant life stays healthy and thrives throughout the summer months. The best time to put down mulch is in the spring when the weather is consistently warm. There are two different kinds of mulch categories that people can use on their landscapes:

  • Organic Mulch: A natural mulch that is not made from any synthetic material. People lean towards this mulch to add beneficial nutrients to their gardens, but it doesn’t always fully suppress weed growth.Organic mulch is usually made from a combination of bark, pine needles, grass clippings, dried leaves, straw, etc.
  • Inorganic Mulch: A synthetic mulch that is not made of natural materials. It’s best for fully blocking weeds and retaining water. It keeps longer than organic mulch but doesn’t add value to the soil. Inorganic mulch can be made of gravel, stone, plastic, or landscaping fabric.

Here are a few reasons why mulching is so important for your home’s landscape and why you should prioritize it this spring!

Provides Insulation

Mulch helps protect plant roots from extreme temperatures. Think of mulch as a winter coat for your flower beds. Mulch works well in both very cold and very hot weather. When the sun is out and hot, mulch protects plant roots from being directly hit by sunshine. Without mulch, the soil is somewhat unprotected, and if roots are exposed, their temperature will rise, moisture will decrease, and, ultimately, plants will die. Mulch not only protects roots from extreme temperatures but also protects the plant’s soil from harsh winds. 

Keeps Weeds Away

Weeds are the number one enemy to any serious gardener or homeowner looking to keep their landscape in good shape. Putting a layer of mulch down will suffocate the weeds in your garden by blocking any sunlight and preventing weeds from getting the nutrients they need to survive. Mulch also helps slow the spreading of weeds by obstructing them from emerging in new areas and taking control of your plant life.

Conserves Moisture

Mulch helps slow moisture evaporation, so more water remains in the soil and is available to plant roots. It will protect your plants from wind and sunlight, which contribute to the evaporation and erosion of your topsoil. Therefore, mulching allows you to spend less time watering and ensures that your trees and plants stay healthy and hydrated!

Enhances Your Homes Beauty

Mulch adds uniformity and beauty to your landscape and is a great way to enhance your home’s curb appeal! There are a wide variety of mulches that come in different colors and styles to blend seamlessly with the exterior of your home or to add a pop of color to your space. Mulch can make an old plant look fresh and newly planted, bringing tidiness and elegance to your landscape.

Mulching is essential for protecting your plants and flowers, adding beauty to your landscape, providing nourishment, and evenly distributing water throughout your garden. Our professional crew at VistaPro Landscape & Design will help you choose the best mulch for your plants and flowers and install it at the appropriate depth. Our grounds management and landscaping services help you keep your yard well maintained and manicured from seasonal cleanups, weeding, leaf removal, mowing, etc.

We also offer other transformative services to enhance your landscape’s overall aesthetic and function, like our custom deck and patio installations, brick walkways, stone masonry, and much more!

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