Pool Waterfalls

When you have a swimming pool installed in your backyard, it’ll make a strong statement in and of itself. However, you can make your swimming pool even more of a focal point in your backyard space by building a waterfall to go along with it. VistaPro Landscape & Design is a waterfall pool builder in Annapolis that can design and install a waterfall that will put your pool design over the top. It’ll turn your swimming pool into an even more peaceful and relaxing place for you and your family.

Adding a Waterfall to Your Pool

At VistaPro Landscape & Design, we build both big waterfalls and small waterfalls alike when you turn to us as your waterfall pool builder in Annapolis. Whether you want a large waterfall you can swim under when you’re splashing around in your pool or a small waterfall to add some ambiance to your backyard, we can get the job done. We even incorporate fountains into your waterfall area to take your swimming pool design to the next level.


As your waterfall pool builder in Annapolis, VistaPro Landscape & Design can take care of every aspect of designing and installing a waterfall for you. We help you choose the right location for your waterfall, talk to you about how big you want it to be, and make sure it’s installed properly so it creates the right effect. We also speak with you about maintaining your waterfall over time and making the most of it over the years.

Add a waterfall to your swimming pool design by contacting VistaPro Landscape & Design at 301-805-0119 (DC Metro), 410-878-2100 (Annapolis), or 703-652-4545 (Virginia).