What is my first step?

If you’ve been thinking about an outdoor project for a while, now is the time to contact our office. After your initial contact, your information will be matched up with one of the members of our design and sales staff. A complimentary site evaluation will be scheduled; this is your opportunity to talk one on one about your vision.

What do I need for my first meeting?

You will need a copy of your plat/site plan (the one they gave you when you purchased your home) and any pictures or other “inspiration” examples that you may have come across. It is important to our designers to create a space that is unique to you and your family; even if you are not sure exactly what your vision is yet, think about what you want to use the space for, how many people will be using the space, what colors do you like, how formal or informal do you want the end effect to be, what are your budget and time requirements? All of these things are an important part of the planning stages.

How long does this take?

Loaded question! When you contact our office, you will receive a call back within 1-2 days by a member of the design/sales staff. After a site evaluation is performed a proposal is generated for your review within 2 weeks. Due to the seasonality of our business, this time may fluctuate. Scheduling and production of a job will vary as well and is dependent on the scope of the project and time of year. We strive to keep communication lines open with you and keep you “in the know.” Your designer or the production manager will keep you updated of any scheduling changes that may occur due to inclement weather or other unforeseen delays…and sometimes we run ahead of schedule too!

What is the minimum scope of work?

We handle jobs of all sizes, from small maintenance contracts to 6 figure installations. We service Maryland, DC, and Virginia, and do not require a minimum. However, we respectfully ask from time to time that we may refer you to a company closer to your residence should the distance of the job site affect our ability to competitively bid on your project.

Are you licensed and insured?

YES and YES. Whether we work with you on your project or not, this is the single most important question you can ask! Entering into a contract with an unlicensed installer makes you incredibly vulnerable should the end result be unsatisfactory or simply incomplete. There is little you can do to recoup your losses should your installer not carry the legal requirements for his business. Vista Pro is also a member of the Better Business Bureau and is featured on several online customer forums, such as Kudzu or Angie’s list.