Special Pool Features

You’ll love spending long spring and summer days hanging out by your swimming pool when you have one installed in your backyard. You’ll love it even more when you incorporate special pool features into your swimming pool design. VistaPro Landscape & Design in Annapolis can give you the chance to make these fun features a part of your swimming pool. They’ll allow those of all ages to have a ball when they’re playing in and around your pool.


VistaPro Landscape & Design can add any number of great swimming pool features to your swimming pool design when you make the decision to build a pool in your backyard. We specialize in installing pool water slides, diving and jump rocks, and even pool waterfalls around the luxury pools we create for people. These kid-friendly pool features will bring out the youth in everyone and make your pool even more special.

Jumprocks for Pools

If you want to put your swimming pool design over the top, VistaPro Landscape & Design can show you some of the ways. We can also take any ideas you might have for your pool and bring them to life while we’re in the process of putting together plans for your swimming pool. It’ll make your pool the place to be throughout the spring and summer and make entertaining guests more fun for you and your family.


Would you like to see how simple it can be to add special pool features to a swimming pool design? Give VistaPro Landscape & Design a call at 301-805-0119 (DC Metro), 410-878-2100 (Annapolis), or 703-652-4545 (Virginia) to find out what we can do with your pool.