Easy Ways to Keep Your Yard Mosquito Free

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The cold, bitter winter is behind us, so we can finally spend more time in the great outdoors. From backyard barbeques, campfires, gardening, or playing ball with your kids, you will spend a lot of time in your yard this coming summer and inevitably be joined by some unwanted guests, mosquitoes!

These small but mighty insects are more than just an itchy nuisance; they can harm your health. According to the CDC, some mosquitoes can spread viruses like West Nile, Dengue, and Zika and parasites like malaria. Local government departments and mosquito control professionals track the numbers and types of mosquitoes in an area and the germs they may be spreading.

Here are a few easy ways to help keep your yard mosquito free this summer so you can protect yourself and your loved ones!

Get Rid of Standing Water

Mosquitoes will lay eggs practically anywhere stagnant water can collect, such as rainwater at the bottom of a garbage bin, clogged gutters, overwatered potted plants, bird baths, etc. Do your best to avoid stagnant water from forming. After each rainstorm, check for areas where water seems to pool. If it happens regularly in the same area, you may have a drainage issue that needs work to prevent water from pooling and becoming an insect breeding ground.

Important Note: Mosquitoes can’t lay eggs in running water, so if you have a fountain in your yard, you shouldn’t have to worry about them breeding there. 

Utilize Fans

Fans are a great way to keep you cool in the summer but can also help keep mosquitoes away. The breeze helps disperse the carbon dioxide emitted by humans that attracts bugs, making it more difficult for mosquitoes to land. If you have covered outdoor areas, consider installing ceiling fans; otherwise, use oscillating fans around the areas where people congregate to drive the pesky bugs away.

Plant Natural Deterrents

Citronella isn’t just a candle scent; it’s a surprisingly easy plant to grow, and plenty of other plants also drive away hungry insects. Savory herbs like lemongrass, basil, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, sage, and flowers, including geraniums, chrysanthemums, and marigolds, help deter the biting critters. If you want the mosquito-repelling benefit, you must crush the leaves or petals and rub them on your skin.

Spray Your Landscape

If you live near a water source that produces many mosquitoes, like a pond, spraying your landscapes could solve this problem. Several mosquito repellents are proven to eliminate most bugs when applied by a trained professional, and they are safe for you and your family.

At VistaPro Landscape & Design, we can determine the best solution for your mosquito issues. Simply performing regular lawn maintenance like grass cutting, weed control, and irrigation could be all you need to keep the bugs at bay, or you might need a more intense action plan like regular chemical spraying or planting natural deterrents

Whatever your unique landscape needs, our team of experts can provide the services to keep your yard beautiful and healthy all year round!

Contact us at (301)805-0119 or fill out our contact form online for a free consultation and learn more about our lawn care and design services.

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