As the Temps Drop Prepare your Shrubs

18630722_SEven when plants are actively growing in the winter months, they still need some moisture. Unfortunately, when the ground freezes there is a major lack of not only moisture, but nutrients as well. So before the ground freezes in the fall or winter, it’s important to water plants and evergreens.

While you will want to add water to your gardens before winter, there are other steps to take. Before winter hits, you should clean up any debris like stems, branches and leaves. Leaving these things in your garden could cause more insects and disease that will feed on your plants throughout the winter and next season. After you get rid of the unwanted debris, its time to add mulch.

Mulching before the soil freezes will help the ground maintain moisture and a constant temperature. Soil that is susceptible, without mulch, will freeze and thaw repeatedly throughout the winter. This can damage roots potentially even uprooting whole plants or evergreens. Compost, straw and peat moss are all appropriate alternatives if you don’t want to use mulch.

There are basic principles to making sense of your garden during the colder months. And ensuring the health of your garden shrubs in the face of brutal winters will guarantee they come back in the spring. Simples steps can not only ensure the survival, but invigorate them, making them healthy than they were the season prior.

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