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3 Tips for Safe Firewood Storage

Outdoor Fire Pit & Fireplace Design & Installation in Annapolis, MD

Fall has officially started and, here in the Northeast, that means cold weather is imminent. But do you know what else that means? That’s right—it’s the perfect time of year for cozying up next to your fire pit or outdoor or indoor fireplace! One thing that’s especially important this time of year is to make… Read more »

Backyard Fireplace Safety: This is What You Need to Know

Outdoor Fireplace Installation in Annapolis

An outdoor fire pit makes a fun and gorgeous addition to any property! It will transform your backyard into both a peaceful spot for relaxation and a lively place to entertain friends and family, for most of spring, summer, and fall. After choosing and installing the best outdoor fireplace for your landscape, your next step… Read more »