Backyard Fireplace Safety: This is What You Need to Know

Backyard Fireplace Safety: This is What You Need to Know

An outdoor fire pit makes a fun and gorgeous addition to any property! It will transform your backyard into both a peaceful spot for relaxation and a lively place to entertain friends and family, for most of spring, summer, and fall.

After choosing and installing the best outdoor fireplace for your landscape, your next step should be reading up on the basics of backyard fire safety. Start by checking out the essential tips we’ve gathered to guarantee you have a safe and enjoyable experience every time!

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Where you position your fire pit is key when it comes to safety.

Any outdoor fireplace or fire pit, portable or permanent, needs to be used at least 10ft away from all other structures and yards in the vicinity. Also take care not to place it under any low-hanging tree branches, covered porches, or electric wiring. Never put a fire pit on a wooden deck or directly on the lawn either, as these materials can easily and rapidly catch fire. Position it soundly on a nonflammable surface—ideally something made of brick, stone, or concrete.

Maintain and clean your outdoor fireplace regularly.

Regular fireplace care is crucial to maintaining a safe, quality structure inside the house and out. Keep your fire pit clean to avoid premature rusting—making the feature less stable and more likely to collapse. Additionally, you’ll want to wipe down your fire pit and clear away any flammable debris like cobwebs, twigs, etc. This material could unexpectedly catch fire or clog your burners if you’re using a gas unit.

Be vigilant while using your fire pit.

Never leave an outdoor fire pit or fireplace unattended while it’s burning—not even for a minute. Even if it has a screen, all it takes is one strong breeze and less than 60 seconds for a spark to light your yard on fire. Don’t leave children or pets unattended near a backyard fire either. Try to keep all people and animals at least three feet away from an outdoor fireplace that’s being used.

Ensure you’re correctly using the materials for your backyard fireplace.

Don’t overstock your firebox with wood or drown it in fuel. Cramming in logs will turn your casual backyard fire into a major safety hazard. Use the right amount of wood and only grab fuel when you need it, to guarantee a safe burn. You’ll also want to be careful with what kind of materials you’re burning. Plastic, trash, and treated wood release toxic gases that can harm you and anyone in the area around your fire pit.

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