Getting Your Outdoor Kitchen Ready for Winter

Getting Your Outdoor Kitchen Ready for Winter

An outdoor kitchen or barbecue makes a great addition to any yard, providing countless opportunities for good food and entertainment! Unfortunately, when winter rolls around a lot of climates are no longer conducive to a comfortable, relaxing backyard meal.

When you make an investment in any landscape feature, it’s your responsibility to maintain it year-round to get the most out of it. Your backyard kitchen is no exception. Spend the bright summer afternoons and refreshing fall evenings enjoying your outdoor kitchen. Then, use these expert tips to close it up properly and get it ready for the winter!

Start with the plumbing.

Failing to winterize the plumbing system of your backyard kitchen is the worst mistake you can make in the preparation process. Leftover water in your pipes will freeze in the lower temperatures, which can lead to burst pipes, flooding, and costly damage and repairs in the spring! After deciding you’ve had your last outdoor meal, be sure to shut off and drain all water lines.

Clean your appliances.

High quality kitchen appliances don’t come cheap! Take precautions against the wintry weather so you don’t end up having to buy new ones when the snow melts. Turn off all appliances, drain connecting lines, and give them a thorough cleaning. This includes your fridge, ice maker, faucet, grill, and anything else you keep out there. For extra protection, get covers for your large appliances and bring small ones inside.

Prepare your surfaces.

Winterize your cabinets and countertops according to the specifications of that material. For stainless steal surfaces, give them a good polish and apply a powder coat finish to prevent cold-weather debris from causing any scratches or damage. Wooden cabinets and countertops should be oiled and sealed to protect against the effects of fluctuations in moisture and temperature.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your landscape once winter is over and the flowers start to bloom, VistaPro Landscape & Design can help! One of our many specialties is designing and installing outdoor kitchens and barbecues that are both stunning and functional. Reach out to us today to get inspired and start building your own delicious paradise!  

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