Why Should You Irrigate Your Lawn?

Why Should You Irrigate Your Lawn?

Lawn Irrigation When you irrigate your lawn, you poke small holes into the soil in order to let water, nutrients, and air get deep down into the roots of your grass. By doing this, it allows the roots to grow much deeper and it makes your lawn look significantly better in the process. It can be especially beneficial for those homeowners who have lawns with soil that is very compact. Here are a few of the reasons you might want to consider irrigating your lawn.

Your lawn gets a lot of foot traffic.

When people are constantly walking on or playing on your lawn, it can make the soil compact. This can limit the amount of water, nutrients, and air that is able to get down into the soil, and it can prevent your grass from growing as quickly as it should. By irrigating, you can provide your soil with everything it needs to nourish your lawn.

Your lawn was placed on top of what was a construction site.

Did you just move into a brand new home? Chances are, your lawn was grown in soil that had construction equipment all over it for at least a few weeks. This construction equipment likely pushed the soil down and made it very compact. Irrigating your lawn will prevent that equipment from wreaking havoc on your lawn for years to come.

Your lawn feels spongy.

If your lawn feels spongy when you walk on it, it probably has a thatch problem. Thatch is a layer of living and dead roots, stems, and grass that forms on top of the soil. You can usually get rid of it by irrigating your lawn. It will help eliminate the thatch over time and get your grass looking and feeling healthy again.

While irrigating your lawn is important, many homeowners aren’t sure of how to do it properly. Vista Pro Landscape & Design is here to help. Call us at 301-789-2699 today to schedule a lawn consultation and to hear more about the benefits of doing irrigation.

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