Why No Home is Complete without a Spa

Hot TubThere are enumerable benefits to owning your own hot tub. Nothing beats coming home after a long day and enjoying a long soak in the hot, bubbly water. Aside from a perpetual state of relaxation and comfort you enjoy, and subsequent center of social gatherings, there are nearly insurmountable health benefits to owning a hot tub spa.

Lower Blood Pressure
The superheated water in your hot tub is obviously relaxing, but the science behind this might not be so obvious. As your body absorbs heat, your blood flow is increased because your blood vessels dilate. This naturally decreases your blood pressure because your vessels are less restricted.

Cardiovascular Health
Everyone knows high blood pressure is bad for your heart. Likewise, lowering your blood pressure is better for your heart health. But not only is the impact from lower blood pressure good for your cardiovascular health, but so too is the effect spas have on your heart rate. That’s because it actually elevates your heart rate to activity levels, essentially with a similar impact as a physical workout.

The combination of heat and water jets work wonders for the body. The buoyancy effect on the human body supports 90% of the weight. This subsequently takes 90% of weight and pressure of joints such as knees, elbows and ankles, not to mention off all your muscles. Combined with the pressure from the water jets, which essentially therapeutically massage the back muscles, you experience deep down muscle relief.

Arthritis Relief
In addition to the benefits of water buoyancy on muscle and joint relief, arthritis sufferers can also find solace in the impact from heat therapy. Most arthritis responds well to heat treatment because of its radiating effects on stress and tension. This has been a means of relief since early man discovered hot springs.

The benefits to your health from having your very own hot tub spa are all linked to taking pressure off tired joints and relieving pressure throughout your body. They are even proven to contribute to weight loss and better sleeping habits.

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