Why Flagstone Is A Great Material for Patios

Flagstone Patios Flagstone patios are a great way to make an addition to your backyard the natural way. Never tacky, flagstone is a naturally occurring material and, subsequently, in its own element on your lawn. It subsequently contributes to, rather than takes away from, the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

Aside from the natural aesthetics, flagstone has plenty of benefits. Flagstone is incredibly sturdy and, because it is naturally occurring, it can withstand all four seasons with no upkeep. This compares to wooden decking which needs a foundation built in order to lift it off the ground, regular painting or staining and frequent weather-proofing.

To the point it’s a completely naturally occurring material also allows you to lay flagstone with very minimal preparation. While wooden or composite decking needs preparation to keep it off the ground to prevent rotting and warping, taking days of pre-maintenance, laying flagstone could be done in a day. Digging out the area you want covered with the stone, laying leveling stone and setting and leveling the flagstone could be done in a matter of hours- depending of course on the size of the area.

Additionally, because of the enumerable shapes and sizes in which Mother Nature has made flagstone available, it is an extremely adaptable material to work with. This means whomever you hire to lay your flagstone will charge less for installation. Instead of needing to cut material to fit a certain space, different sizes or shapes could be worked in.