Things to Keep in Mind When Considering a Fire Pit

Things to Keep in Mind When Considering a Fire Pit

backyard fire pitFire pits are all the rage lately. If you’d like to enjoy your yard and want to keep warm, a fire pit is a beautiful addition.

What are some things to keep in mind when considering a fire pit? First of all, does your municipality allow them? Are there any regulations that dictate what size they should be, and/or how close or far from a building they need to be? Next, what is your budget? Do you have the space for a fire pit? What kind of style and type of materials and options would you like your pit to have?

For some people, a portable pit that can be easily moved when needed makes the most sense. Others prefer to have a fire pit built into yard in such a way that it serves as a permanent focal point and gathering place, complete with built-in stone seating.

If you choose a built-in fire pit design, make sure it matches the materials found in your house so it looks compatible. For instance, a brick house looks best with a brick fire pit in the yard.

What kind of fuel do you plan to use? Will it be a wood or gas fueled fire pit? If you go with wood, you’ll need to store lots of wooden logs nearby. Oftentimes, people choose wood because they love the scent it gives off as it burns. With wood, some sort of screening should be incorporated into the fire pit design to protect people from rogue sparks and such.

For safety’s sake, it’s best not to put a fire pit on a wooden deck since wood can catch fire. Most people choose to put their fire pit on a natural surface such as concrete, slate, stone or brick. It’s also recommended to have the pit at least ten feet from the house as well as neighbors’ yards.

One more thing: keep in mind that it can get really dark outside behind the house at night. Therefore, install some appropriate outdoor lighting near the fire pit so you can see what you’re doing when the fire’s low or out.

In the D.C./Northern VA region, VistaPro Landscape & Design builds and installs outdoor fire pits and fireplaces. Please email with any questions you might have about adding a fire pit to your yard.

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