Things to Consider When You’re  Adding a Lap Pool to Your Property

Things to Consider When You’re Adding a Lap Pool to Your Property

Lap Pools Are you thinking about adding a lap pool to your property? It’s an exciting thing to think about– not only do they look cool but they’re also functional and can help people– yourself included– get more fit and healthy. Swimming laps really works your whole body in ways other exercises don’t, and it’s not unusual for lap swimmers to get rid of their belly fat, tone their arms, and look “fit and trim” thanks to time in the pool.

When thinking of adding a lap pool to your property, you have to ask yourself some questions.

For starters, do you want it indoors or outdoors? If it’s indoors, you can use it year-round. Outdoor pools are generally utilized in the warmer summer months only.

How will you heat your pool? If you plan to use it year-round and you want the water warm, you’ll probably need a heat pump installed. Solar heating is another way to keep the water warm. All good pools have covers, and a cover can help maintain the heat in the pool over time. From simple thermal blankets on a roller to retractable polycarbonate domes, your pool installer can recommend the kind of cover that would make the most sense for your needs.

By the way, what will your pool dimensions be? Most lap pool lengths range between 40 and 80 feet. Widthwise, do you want to be able to accommodate one or two lap swimmers at a time? Depthwise, how deep is ideal for you and the people who’ll use it? Some people prefer shallow pools in general, while others, especially taller folks, want a deeper lap pool. Generally, a normal depth for lap pools is around 6 feet deep. Take into consideration whether people will tumble or dive into the water.

Speaking of getting into the water, do you want offset steps instead of internal steps? Probably. And how about a stainless steel grab rail to hold on to when entering or exiting the pool? That’s a good idea.

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