Outdoor Additions That Could Add Value to Your Home

Outdoor deck and stone patio

Outdoor living has become a growing trend in recent years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Expanding your living space into the yard helps your home reach its maximum potential. From cooking and entertaining to reading and gardening, crafting a beautiful outdoor space provides you and your family a sanctuary and can even increase the value of your home!

Here are a few outdoor additions you should consider.

Gardening and Landscaping

Make your yard more appealing to the eye with professional gardening and landscaping. Nothing is more attractive in an outdoor space than strategically placed plants and trees thriving and helping shade your home from the hot sun, reducing energy bills!

You could even add a pergola. These archways cover a patio or deck and work well for dining under. You can add lights to the pergola to brighten up nighttime activities or greenery, such as vines or hanging potted plants, to add a pop of color.

Decks and Patios

Do you currently have a deck or patio? If not, add one! It becomes an outdoor room, a place to entertain guests when they visit. From backyard BBQs to relaxation time with a good book and a refreshing drink, decks and patios are exactly what home buyers look for, and homeowners enjoy them, too.

Outdoor Firepits

With the cold weather beginning to make an appearance, now’s the time to consider an outdoor firepit. It’s nice to have an outdoor fire, keeping people warm when the temperatures dip. They add value to your home, look nice, and function well as a gathering spot day and night.

Exterior Features and Hardscapes

Finally, you can add value to your home by freshening up the outside with a fresh coat of paint, a patched and repaved driveway, or a brand-new front door! All three things go a long way in helping make your home’s exterior look its best.

Consider adding a stone masonry wall if you’re looking for a statement piece. These walls can be used to create clearly defined spaces like dining areas and outdoor kitchens. They can also serve as retaining walls as part of a revamped landscape design.

At VistaPro Landscape & Design, we specialize in custom landscaping services to transform ordinary exterior areas into breathtaking outdoor living spaces! Our comprehensive services encompass all phases of design and installation and full-service maintenance for residential and large properties.

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