Landscaping for Dog Owners 101

Being passionate about your landscaping and your pup can be a challenge when it comes to practicality. You want your dog to enjoy your gorgeous backyard, while somehow keeping it, well, gorgeous!

It can be frustrating at times when you go to check on your dog and find him happily digging up the lawn that you tend to several hours a week. But allowing your dog to play and frolic through the backyard doesn’t have to mean sacrificing a luxurious landscape.

If you focus on these important elements when it comes to landscaping, we promise you can have both a happy, healthy dog and landscape! Plus, you can always turn to the committed experts at Vista Pro Landscape & Design to help give your backyard a dog-friendly upgrade!

Landscaping for Dog Owners 101

Dog Safety

First and foremost, you want to ensure your backyard is a safe environment for your dog. We’re sure you’d much rather have to adapt your landscaping for your pup’s health than have to watch your dog get sick or worse. A healthy, lively pooch is the number one concern.

That being said, it’s imperative that you take the time to research which plants and crops are toxic to dogs—some may surprise you. The list is pretty comprehensive, and includes some backyard staples like apples, lilies, and peonies to name a few. Review the entire list here and try to avoid these products at all costs. If you absolutely have to have them, install a barrier to keep your dog away from the growing area.

Be careful with chemicals like pesticides and herbicides, as they can be harmful to your dog as well. Keep them safely stored and your dog inside when you use them.

Canine-Friendly Landscaping Features

Don’t view the process of accommodating your yard to your dog as limiting—use it as a chance to get creative! Think about adding some dazzling landscape features that both you and your dog will love.

Water Features

Use a small pond or waterfall to turn your backyard into an oasis and give your pooch a fun place to play and cool off in the summer. They look stunning and will keep your dog hydrated and occupied!


Invest in a pergola or arbor to provide some shade for your pup on those hot summer days and protect him from sudden bouts of rain. It’ll also be a great place for you and your friends or family to enjoy the nice weather without getting burned or being disrupted by high winds.

Paths & Patios

You may have noticed that your dog instinctively patrols the backyard when he plays outside—a result of his protective nature. Install an outdoor patio, brick paths, or inlays throughout the yard to give him a place to stand guard and investigate. Add a layer of elegance and color to your property, while preventing grass ware from constant walking and holes from digging.

Healthy Grass

Keeping your grass green and watered is essential not only for a beautiful backyard, but to give your dog a comfy place to lounge outside after play time. Your lawn is the foundation of your landscaping so it’s important, especially when you have a dog who uses it, to put some extra time into caring for it.

Designate a bathroom area for your pup to use to minimize the presence of brown spots caused by dog urine. You might even want to consider a hidden fence to section off the area, or a gravel pathway to train your dog to use when he has to go. This will make cleanup easier and prevent damage to the grass.

If you’d rather your dog have free reign of the yard when it’s potty time, there are products available that dilute urine and prevent brown spots. Also be sure to aerate your lawn regularly, as those cute little paws your dog has can leave prints that compact it.

Transform your backyard into a lavish getaway for both you and your pup with the right landscaping approach! Contact us today to get started on creating the perfect place to hangout with your friends and your dog!