How to Throw an Awesome Pool Party This Summer

It’s been a long, cold winter here in the Northeast and we’re ready to embrace summer with open arms. What better way to celebrate finally getting some sun than with a pool party with your friends and family?!

Welcome summer the right way—throw an unforgettable blowout right in your own backyard! These essential tips combined with our elite in-ground pool services will provide you with everything you need to start the season off with a splash!

How to Throw an Awesome Pool Party This Summer

Offer Tasty Treats

Let’s be honest, food is often the most exciting aspect of any party—especially in the summer. Keep your guests energized and satisfy their taste buds with the perfect menu!

When it comes to food for your pool party, it’s best to keep it light and cool. People will be moving around a lot and wearing swimsuits that don’t flatter a bloated belly, so they don’t need to fill up too much. Put out some easy finger foods and appetizers—like a fruit and veggie platter, a delicious dip recipe, or heat up some meat skewers to really keep people satiated.

If you want to have a meal for swimmers to enjoy after an exhausting day in the water and under the sun, the grill is the perfect summer solution! Stick with backyard classics like burgers, dogs, and anything barbecue.

Be sure to provide plenty of cold water to keep everybody hydrated, and don’t overdo it on the alcohol. You want guests to feel good and have fun, but don’t risk dehydration or making people sick with too many spirits!

Give Guests What They Need

Guests will probably bring most of the things they need, but as a good host it’s important to have some essentials available anyway in case someone forgets or runs out of something. The food and water that we already mentioned is a great example.

Provide party goers with plenty of sunscreen and try to remind them to reapply throughout the day. You want people to leave your party with great memories, not a nasty burn. Lay out some extra towels if you have them or fold them nicely into a basket on the table. People will probably have their own, but you never know who might forget or accidentally soak one in the first hour!

Have a cool, shady spot for guests to retreat to when the sun gets too hot and they need a break from swimming—a designated indoor area, party tent in the yard, or even a big, festive patio umbrella. Don’t forget to bring out the fun stuff either like a speaker, decorations, pool floats, games, and other accessories!

Prepare Your Pool

The center of a great pool party is obviously going to be the pool. Make sure yours is party-ready before your guests show up!

Start with the basics and give your pool a good, thorough cleaning. If you’re just opening it up for the season you might want to think about hiring a professional to get rid of any algae build-up, or ugly brown or foggy water that made its home in your pool over the winter. Keep any chemicals you use to treat it stored away somewhere safe and out of reach, especially if there will be kids running around at your party.

Make sure you make any necessary repairs to your pool and the surrounding area before anyone uses it—ensure all handrails and exterior features are secure, check for loose steps and bolts and replace any you find, and repair any tiles that need it.

The best tip for throwing a pool party people will talk about all summer—and most fun if you ask us—is to make your pool the most unique, entertaining, and gorgeous one in the neighborhood! Trick it out with a water slide or diving board or add some ambiance with a dazzling waterfall. Install jump rocks around an edge or splurge on a luxurious spa or saltwater beach entry.

VistaPro Landscape and Design offers services to design, install, and maintain all these features and more for your in-ground pool. Impress your guests and turn your backyard into everybody’s favorite destination for fun and relaxation. Give us a call so we can get started on the perfect pool for your summer party today!