How to Make Your Walkway More Inviting

Landscaping is an excellent tool to use to attract people to your home and make them feel welcome. Brighten things up with vibrant flowers, add a fun and sparkling inground pool, or install a cozy backyard kitchen to make your outdoor space feel like home too!

There are a lot of creative ways to customize your property’s exterior, but one of our favorites is a simple stone walkway that elegantly invites people right up to your door. It’s best to hire an expert if you want your walkway to be high quality and long lasting. However, there’s still plenty you can do yourself to make sure it looks like the friendly front pathway you’ve always envisioned!


Bigger is always better.

You want your walkway to emphasize the entrance to your home, to give the sense that you’re inviting people in. The best way to do this is to have it built wide enough for two people to walk comfortably side-by-side. Make the walk up to your door easy and relaxing by keeping people from feeling cramped or rushed to get off and make room. A larger walkway is also more ideal for accommodating elderly or handicapped visitors.

Add a landing.

Give people an area to get settled and prepare to enter your home with a spacious landing at your front or back door! Providing guests with a place to wait comfortably while you make your way to the door makes your home look open to visitors. If you make it roomy enough, you can even add a small bench or wicker chair to sit on! A front landing is also a convenient place to leave packages.

Have fun with the design.

Your walkway doesn’t have to go straight from the sidewalk to the door. Make the shape of your pathway creative and encourage people to enjoy the walk into your home. A gentle curve or two is an aesthetically pleasing way to draw people to your door leisurely. If your yard slopes, be sure to add in a couple steps to break up the incline and make the decline easier!

Give people something to look at.

Embellish your walkway with cheerful flowers and luscious greenery planted along the sides to establish an inviting ambiance for visitors before they even enter your home! You might also consider adding a unique water feature—like a small pond or fountain—to get people feeling relaxed and draw their eye to something dazzling.

In order to achieve the walkway of your dreams, you need to have the best skill and top quality resources to make it happen. VistaPro Landscape & Design can offer you that and more! We will work with you to bring your stone walkway to life with a custom design process and experienced installation team. Give us a call or visit our website today to get started!