End-of-Summer Landscaping Tips to Get Your Yard Ready for Fall

As summer winds down and the peak of growing season passes, you may start to lighten your load of landscaping duties. While there certainly is less to do in your yard when fall comes around, there are still plenty of landscaping tasks you can tackle in the final weeks before the new season arrives.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your landscape looking healthy and beautiful for as long as possible after summer’s end:

Do a quick prune.

Although late winter and early spring are generally the best times of year to prune your plants thoroughly (ahead of the new growth season), a little pruning in the late summer can also be beneficial. Pruning promotes plant health and facilitates new growth. Removing dead and dying branches, flowers, leaves, and other vegetation as summer wanes will help your plant life continue to grow and thrive further into the fall season.

Weed and fertilize your lawn.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to give up your green lawn as soon as the temperatures start to drop. Last-minute summer lawn care can keep your lawn looking vibrant and growing continuously even in the cooler months. This is the time to overseed dead spots, repair any lawn damage from pets or pests, and kill weeds so they don’t reemerge come spring.

Service your landscaping equipment.

As you begin to need your landscaping tools less often, now is a good time to make repairs and perform maintenance. Taking care of these tasks now will assure they remain in good shape over the winter for another season of use. Give a little love to your lawn mower (sharpen blades, check sparkplugs, change oil), trimmers/pruners, clippers, shovels, and other essential landscaping equipment.

Plan your fall landscape.

If you start planning your fall landscape a little early, you’ll be able to get everything prepped and in place in time to start the new season off strong. Think about which bulbs you want to plant (perennials are ideal for fall), where you want to put them, and what materials you’ll need to protect the rest of your landscape through the winter. Secure these items ahead of time so as soon as fall arrives, you and your yard are ready to go.

With only a few weeks left to enjoy the gorgeous summer weather, why not leave the seasonal transition of your landscape in the hands of a professional? The VistaPro Landscape & Design team will take care of all the end-of-summer and start-of-fall grounds management services you need to keep your yard looking beautiful for the new season. From annual plant rotations to leaf removal and other seasonal cleanup, our professionals have you covered.

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