Don’t Let Weeds Ruin Your Garden

Don’t Let Weeds Ruin Your Garden

Weeds and GardensMost people do not like to weed. That said, it can be meditative and therapeutic. Just like you feel good when you clean your house because things are put in order and look nice, a weed-free garden area gives you a sense of accomplishment and peace. Unfortunately, even after you weed, guess what… more weeds will grow. If you’re not regularly weeding your garden, eventually weeds will try and take it over.

Why Weeds Grow in Your Garden

Why weed? For starters, weeds compete with your plants for nutrients. They are like an uninvited guest at a party eating the good stuff! Weeds also end up blocking out sunlight from your other plants. They try and literally take over your garden– even stealing water. Ever wonder why weeds seem to grow so “aggressively?” It’s because they’re aggressive.

Every plant you have in a garden has their own “root zone.” Think of these as underground parking spaces for roots. There’s only so much space available for the roots of plants and weeds available underneath the surface of your soil. The roots of weeds are taking up valuable root zone spaces. When weed roots try and take over underground, your other plants get stressed; they can become unhealthy and more susceptible to pests and diseases.

If you’re growing a certain crop, such as summer squash, weeds may bury your harvest, making your veggies hard to find. When weeds become numerous, they can curb the pollination of your cultivated crops, too– not good. Weeds can also hide pests and diseases from plain sight. Pests love to spend their winters in the weeds. Ugh.

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