Are Pergolas and Arbors the Same Thing?

There are many people who think that pergolas and arbors are the same thing, and it’s not hard to see why. Both outdoor structures consist of posts that are used to support open roofs made using either beams or lattice. In addition, both often have either vines or some other form of climbing plants surrounding them. Moreover, both are commonly found in backyards that feature a lot of plant life. It’s why so many people believe that they can use the terms “pergola” and “arbor” interchangeably.

Pergolas and Arbors However, there are a couple of notable differences that set pergolas and arbors apart. The biggest difference is that they are typically installed in different places. Pergolas are usually used to provide shade over a deck or patio, and in most cases, they are attached directly to a home. Many homeowners build pergolas out from the back of their homes and use them to shade outdoor dining areas. They’re not always attached to homes, but they are just about always positioned directly next to a home.

Arbors, meanwhile, are freestanding structures that are usually smaller than pergolas and placed at the entranceway to a yard or garden. There are also some homeowners who place benches under arbors and use them to provide shelter. But in general, they will be positioned away from a home and won’t provide as much shelter as pergolas. Oftentimes, they are merely decorative features in a yard featuring a lot of plant life.

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