An Overview of Pool Crack Repairs

Pool Crack Repairs Do you have a crack in your pool? If so, VistaPro can repair it before the summer season, and that way you can truly enjoy your pool when the warmer weather hits.

Most people have few (if any) problems with their pool when it’s first installed. But then years go by, harsh weather comes and goes, freezing and thawing occur, and later on down the line some pools develop cracks.

Causes of Swimming Pool Cracks

What are some reasons swimming pools end up with cracks in them? There could be shrinkage, settlement or structural issues involved.

If you have a fiberglass pool and it’s not level when installed– or the ground beneath shifts– cracks can occur and the pool might have to be reinstalled to remedy the problems. Pools can also get what are known as “spider cracks” that look like spider webs. They’ll occur in the gel coating of fiberglass. Usually these type of cracks don’t mean the pool will leak, but in general it’s best to have them repaired by having a professional company like VistaPro come over and resurface the pool.

Where can cracks occur in/on a pool? They could be on the surface thanks to an excessive amount of shrinkage involving an overly-wet plaster mix. Or they could occur in the pool shell or its plaster. How about deeper cracks? You’re likely to have those at connection points, like corners and places where a pool meets a hot tub or spa. They can also occur in the bond beam. Cracks can also happen thanks to bad concrete and/or freezing temperatures, especially with concrete pools.

Left untreated, cracks can mess with the structural integrity of a pool, and, God forbid, cause injury to humans and pets in or around the crumbling pool. Meanwhile, cracks can mean there’s lot of leaking water, so one has to refill the pool often and that gets expensive.

Should you suspect (or see) cracks in your pool, call VistaPro in the DC Metro region today at 301-805-0119. In Annapolis, call 410-878-2100. And in Virginia, please use this number: 703-652-4545. Now’s a good time to call, to get cracks taken care of before summer is upon us!