An Overview of Adding a Spa to an Existing Swimming Pool

An Overview of Adding a Spa to an Existing Swimming Pool

Adding a SpaVistaPro is gearing up for a good summer season of adding extras to people’s backyards. For instance, many people love to add a spa to an existing pool, and we love doing these projects.

Spas Are a Beneficial Luxury

Adding a spa is a way to improve your overall quality of life! Soaking in the spa is good for your health, especially if you have a kink in your neck, pain in your back or shoulders, and/or want to feel the pulsating jets of warm water on your tired feet. Water, especially when it’s warm and moving, is so therapeutic. And to have a spa on your property? That’s luxury! You don’t have to drive 20 minutes to the nearest spa at a gym! You can also enjoy privacy– you don’t have to have any strangers awkwardly sitting in the tub with you.

They’re Great for Socializing

A lot of people also like the social aspect of owning their own spa near their pool. For instance, kids love to play in a pool during daylight hours. Then they go to sleep, and it’s time for parents and their friends to relax with a drink and a smoke in the spa. They’ll laugh together, tell stories, and look up at the stars above– their own little piece of heaven in their backyard.

Add Value to Your Property

Do you want to relax with privacy, feeling happy, healthy and good? Have VistaPro add a spa near your pool and enjoy benefits… like lowering your stress level(s), taking away pain, improving circulation, and having some fun with loved ones. Meanwhile, the spa will add value to your property should you think of selling in the future…

Sometimes people have pools attached to spas, and other times they are separate entities, though close to one another… you can get a “spillover,” which is where the spa is directly next to your pool, and they mix together so you need just one pump for both. Spillover spas are easy to set up and maintain.

Why not call VistaPro and discuss what you’d like? VistaPro can work with you throughout the whole process, from landscaping to installation and then some. Use our contact page here.

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