4 Native Plants to Try in Your Northeast Garden

Pink Bleeding Heart Flowers on Stem

Here in the Northeast, winter seems to last forever. But when March rolls around, we finally start to get glimpses of hope that spring is on its way. When we’re gifted with a few of those 50-degree days (often followed by another round of snow), we can start to dream about how we’re going to spend the warmer months to come.

One way to get excited for spring is to start planning your garden and laying the groundwork to bring it to life. Here are a few native plants that will do well in our fickle Northeastern weather and brighten up your landscape!

1) Swamp Milkweed

Swamp milkweed is a native perennial that will bring color and life to your landscape in more ways than one. In the summer, flowers bloom in brilliant shades of pink (and occasionally white) and draw flutters of butterflies to your garden. The plant itself can host monarch caterpillars, while the flowers attract adult butterflies and other pollinators.

2) Foamflower

A beautiful perennial that will spread annually in each direction, foamflower is ideal for ground cover. A display of pink and white flowers blossom in late spring until early summer. Foamflower does well in the shade, so it’s perfect for filling in those darker spots underneath your trees. It is also fairly resistant to deer, another perk specifically for Northeastern gardeners.

3) Bleeding Heart

The bleeding heart is a low-maintenance perennial that flowers in mid-spring. Its pink, red, and white blooms continue to flourish for weeks, and are filled with nectar that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden. One thing to note about the bleeding heart is that it does not like hot temperatures. The flowers will either fade to yellow or disappear completely, but may bloom again periodically throughout the summer as temperatures fluctuate.

4) Serviceberry

If you’re looking for a shrub to keep your landscape interesting in every season, then serviceberry is the one you want. Fragrant white flowers bloom in the spring and give way to pink and purple berries that ripen in June and will have the birds flocking to you. In the fall, serviceberry transforms into a vibrant display of yellow and orange foliage.

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