Worried About Snow? It Can Actually be Good for Your Lawn!

Worried About Snow? It Can Actually be Good for Your Lawn!

You might think of snow as something your yard has to battle during the chilly winter months, but snowfall can actually be good for your lawn. There are a few ways snow can benefit your yard to keep it healthy and beautiful during the warmer months of the year.

Snow as an Insulator

Snow is an excellent insulator, so it can help stabilize temperatures and keep the soil warm during the winter. When a layer of snow covers your yard, it protects the deeper soil from dropping to excessively cold temperatures, thereby protecting your grasses’ root systems. If plants like perennials haven’t been mulched, the snow can also provide protection for these plants and their root systems.

Conserving Moisture

Cold, dry winds can wreak havoc on a lawn. Winter weather can trigger a damaging process called transpiration, in which cold dry wind causes the moisture in plants to evaporate. Having a blanket of snow on your lawn, however, protects plants and grasses from harsh winds and ensures that they are able to conserve moisture during the winter. When the snow melts in the spring, is also provides essential moisture to begin the season.

Vital Nutrients

Another benefit of snow is that when it melts, nitrogen and other vital nutrients are drawn down into the soil to assist with plant growth and development. Nitrogen compounds are formed in the air, and when it rains or snows they accumulate in the moisture, ultimately making their way into the soil and nourishing the root systems of plants and grasses.

When the days get blustery and the snow starts to fly, rest assured the winter weather isn’t going to cause permanent damage to your lawn. In fact, a fresh layer of snow may even help you lawn to recover and thrive when springtime rolls around!

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