What Are the Most Common Swimming Repairs?

Common Pool RepairsPools can be beautiful assets, making a yard “that more inviting” when done right. But what about pools with problems? What are some of the common swimming pool repairs?


First, there’s pool equipment that might need to be repaired. The electrics machinery, as well as pumps and motors, can cease to function. If and when equipment breaks down, that can lead to pools becoming unsafe and unclean. If you hear screeching or grinding noises coming from your pool’s equipment/machinery, chances are repairs are needed. Furthermore, you should be on the lookout for rust and/or leaks.

Pool Plumbing Issues

Next, there’s the issue of plumbing. Now most pool owners think of calling a plumber to fix a pool’s plumbing issue, but that’s not the best solution. Most plumbers deal with toilets and sinks– not pools. Basically, if you are having a plumbing issue with your pool, you need to find a company that does pool plumbing repairs. You’ll have to do some research, since you want experts who work with pools, specifically.

Pool Surfaces

What about when a pool’s surfaces get faded, stained, rough or end up peeling? Usually that means you’re going to need a professional company to come do pool replastering.

Pool Decks

Other times you’d call in professionals for pool repairs include when the decking or hard concrete surfaces near the pool experience cracks, breaks or other problems that need fixing. Is the surface overheating in the hot sunlight? It might be time to replace that surface with something that’ll be cooler on the feet. Oh, and if you’ve got a water feature that’s not working properly, you’ll know it because there’s a reduced flow or total failure. Water jet streams, flows, fountains, bubblers, scuppers, sconces, and pool spas are all water features that can malfunction and, thus, need to be repaired at/near your pool.

If you suspect your pool is damaged and not structurally sound, know that rebar can be added to cracked and otherwise damaged pools to rehab them.

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