VistaPro Teams Up with Gordon Ramsay for Ellicott City Project!

As dedicated professional landscapers, our work here at VistaPro is always driven by a mission to create beautiful outdoor spaces that our clients can enjoy for years to come. We approach each and every project as a unique work of art, designed to enhance the lives of everyone who uses it.

That’s why, when asked to help celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay in his quest to revitalize Ellicott City, MD, we jumped at the opportunity to help him make a difference in this historic town!

Old Ellicott City suffered two devastating floods in a span of two years.

Severe storms and the resulting flash flooding completely rocked Ellicott City in 2016. Many homes and businesses were destroyed, but resiliently, they began the process of rebuilding as soon as possible. Then, just as they were getting back on their feet, the city was hit once again with torrential rainfall and more flooding in 2018.

Earlier this year, Gordon Ramsay decided to step in to help them on their journey to restoration. At the end of February, he and his 24 Hours to Hell and Back crew began scouting the area undercover with the intention of setting to work refurbishing several restaurant fronts.

Commercial Landscaping Project in Ellicott City, MD

Little Market Café: Before

Ramsay brought in the VistaPro team to help revamp the beloved Little Market Café.

When Ramsay’s team reached out to us to helm one of the projects for their episode, we were excited to help bring part of Old Ellicott City back to life. With just three days to complete our part of the rebuild, we set to work doing what we do best: transforming the landscape.

Commercial Landscaping near Annapolis, MD

VistaPro landscapers hard at work

We spent those three days turning the exterior of Little Market Café into an inviting retreat for diners and passersby. Our experts designed and constructed—after creating a special blend of flagstone to match the existing stone—a gorgeous patio, woodburning fire pit, and attractive, but functional, solution for wood storage. Then, we added the finishing touches with colorful flowers and rich greenery to complete the landscape.

Together with Ramsay and his crew—as well as the premier contractors at Trusted Solutions, who took on the task of transforming the interior—we helped return the cherished Little Market Café back to its original glory.

Little Market Cafe Commercial Landscaping Project

Little Market Café: After

Now that you’ve seen what we can do, let the VistaPro team work our magic on your property.

Our commercial landscaping services are available for business and property owners looking to upgrade their exterior space all throughout Annapolis, D.C. and beyond. We also offer our design and installation services to homeowners looking to bring the outdoor spaces of their dreams to life.

Take a cue from Gordon Ramsay and contact us today to discuss the details of your project!