Using Your Backyard Spa This Winter

One of the biggest perks of investing in a hot tub or backyard spa is that, unlike many other landscape features, you’re able to enjoy it year-round! In fact, a lot of people consider the winter months to be the best season for a relaxing dip in the warm, soothing water.

Keeping your spa in good shape when the cold weather hits does require a little extra regular care, but the process is fairly straightforward. Use your backyard spa as an oasis from the biting cold all winter long by following these simple winter maintenance tips!


Inspect your spa early.

Going through a quick maintenance check of the major elements of your backyard spa is the first step to prepping it for winter. It’s much easier to work outside fixing any problems in the mild fall or early winter weather!

Make sure your plumbing system and filters are clean and running smoothly, and that your spa is free of any leaks. If it’s due for a water change in the next few months, take care of it now. The risk of the water freezing and damaging the spa will be reduced in the less severe temperatures.

Invest in a quality cover.

A strong, well-insulated cover is essential for keeping your backyard spa in good shape this winter! It’ll help maintain the temperature and offer protection from the harsh winter elements. The cover should be custom fitted to your spa or hot tub with a tight seal.

Don’t let snow and ice accumulate on top of your cover and cause damage. If it piles up over 6 inches, use a soft bristle broom to sweep it off instead of a shovel, so you don’t risk tearing the vinyl.

Maintain water levels.

To keep all the major components of your spa running in the winter, it’s important to keep the water levels consistent and high enough. If they dip too low, the pump or heater could malfunction, causing the water to freeze and damage the structure.

Monitor your water level frequently—even during days or weeks you’re not using your spa—and add more as needed. Keep a regular eye on the water temperature as well, to ensure the heater is working properly.

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