Three Ways You Can Improve the Area Around Your Pool This Summer

Three Ways You Can Improve the Area Around Your Pool This Summer

There are typical pools, and then there are amazing pools. Which one do you want? This summer, you can improve the area around your pool to make your pool space something out of the ordinary– the kind of space that could be photographed for a magazine spread. If you want to make your pool space the talk of the town, VistaPro Landscape & Design has some good ideas on how to do exactly that.

Adding Jump Rocks to Your Pool

Jumprocks for Pools For starters, have you ever heard of jump rocks? These are rocks which people use to jump from into their pool. They can be natural or man-made– either way they look like actual rocks. Depending on how they’re arranged, jump rocks can make your pool look like a natural spring, right outside your back door! It’s as if you get to create nature in the way you want it to look, and these rocks can fit in seamlessly with your patio or surrounding gardens. Jump rocks also help create pool focal points– they look nice with falling ivy or showcasing your flowers. One of the reasons jump rocks have become popular is because diving boards are no longer en vogue. Remember how it seemed every pool had a diving board in the old days? Well, that’s no longer the case thanks to injuries, lawsuits and insurance costs. Jump rocks have essentially replaced diving boards for safety’s sake. Rocks don’t have springs and they’re low to the ground, so if you jump off them, the safety risk is much less than old diving boards. Obviously, you want to utilize jump rocks in/near the deep end, only. Meanwhile, natural rocks look good– they’re not eyesores like diving boards.

Building a Deck That Suits Your Pool and Yard

Pool DecksDo you have a pool deck in place, yet? If not, this is the summer to add one on. Pool decks give family and friends a designated space to relax around the pool. VistaPro is able to take a look at what you’ve currently got “going on,” and then give you design ideas to show you what that space could look like. If you’ve got a vision for what you’d like your pool deck to look like, tell VistaPro and we’ll see if we can make that vision a reality. There are several materials that can be incorporated into deck design, including wood, rock and concrete. If you’d like to see what VistaPro has done for others, visit here. We always strive to make the space look as attractive as possible, while still being functional and safe. Once your deck is “in,” you can decorate it with lounge chairs, perhaps a “tiki bar,” lights and artwork. This is your chance to help design your special space– the kind of space where you’d want to get a tan, read a book, and/or have a drink, poolside. This is your “Shangri-La.”

Beautify Your Pool With a Waterfall

Adding a Waterfall to Your Pool Perhaps one of the favorite features most people love adding to their pool space is a waterfall or series of waterfalls. There’s something so calming and almost mystical about falling water, isn’t there? VistaPro can take a space where no waterfall existed before and transform that space to create the waterfall you envision. It has been said that a waterfall transforms a backyard into “paradise.” Not only does it look great, but the soothing sound of a landscape waterfall has the unusual ability to transport you to another place in your mind. It’s like bringing a bit of Hawaii, “the islands,” and even Niagara Falls right into your backyard. Maybe you’d like a small, modest structure, where water falls gently into a pond? Or perhaps you’d like something tall, splashing directly into your pool? VistaPro has the ability to design and build a variety of landscape waterfalls. By the way, some of the benefits of adding a waterfall that empties into your pool include the addition of relaxing “white noise” to your yard, as well as the fact that the waterfall can act as a filtration system (making your pool water safer and cleaner) and algae deterrent (since moving water doesn’t suffer from algae growth).

VistaPro Landscape & Design can help enhance the look of your swimming pool area this summer. Start with a FREE consultation here and/or call 301-805-0119 in the DC Metro area, 410-878-2100 in Annapolis, or 703-652-4545 in Virginia. You can also find us on Facebook where you’ll be able to see pictures of our work. For those who “do everything via email,” please email

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