Three Ways You Can Improve the Area Around Your Pool This Summer

Jumprocks for Pools

A backyard pool is an asset for any home. Whether your pool has been used for years or you’re enjoying your first summer together, you want to make the most of it. You will be amazed at the impact a few small tweaks and updates can have on your poolside experience!

Here are three ways to improve the area around your pool this summer.

1) Add Diving & Jump Rocks

Diving rocks for inground pools have become a popular addition for many reasons. Most importantly, for safety. Since diving rocks do not have spring and are low to the ground, the risk of injury is much less. It is important to remember that these rocks can only be used in the deep end. The water still needs to be deep enough for a swimmer to jump in safely and not hit the bottom or sides of the pool.

Design is another element that attracts many homeowners to this choice. While a diving board can stick out as an eyesore, diving rocks blend seamlessly into the design or surrounding landscape. These rocks help create pool focal points within your outdoor space, and they look nice with falling ivy or showcasing your flowers. It is simple for a pool designer to incorporate the rocks into the background. They come in many different sizes, colors, and textures, and it is easy to find one that works best in your yard.

2) Build a Deck That Suits Your Pool and Yard

Do you have a pool deck in place yet? If not, this is the summer to add one on. Pool decks give family and friends a designated space to relax and unwind around the pool. VistaPro Landscape & Design can look at what you’re currently working with and give you design ideas to show you the potential of the space. If you have a vision for what you’d like your pool deck to look like, we can make that vision a reality. Several materials can be incorporated into deck design, including wood, rock, and concrete. We strive to make the space look as attractive as possible while being functional and safe. Once your deck is installed, you can decorate it with lounge chairs, lights, artwork, and more! Whether you want to add a designated reading spot or a full-service tiki bar, the possibilities are endless!

3) Beautify Your Pool with a Waterfall

One of the favorite features people love adding to their pool space is a waterfall or series of waterfalls. Waterfalls provide relaxation after even the longest day, whether you’re watching the water flow or closing your eyes and listening to the sound. Take a dip in the pool or sit beside it and leisure.

You can even incorporate LED lights into the waterfall to brighten the night. Incorporating natural stones in and around your water feature will give your pool a more natural look and add a unique character to your backyard.


Another great benefit to a waterfall feature is algae will typically not grow in moving water, meaning that waterfalls inhibit excessive growth. A waterfall also helps your pool water circulate. It can’t act as the sole filtration system for your pool, but you will notice a difference with this beautiful water feature!

At VistaPro Landscape & Design, we can help enhance the look of your swimming pool area this summer. From pool patios to special pool features, your backyard will turn into the summer hot spot of the neighborhood!

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