Things to Keep in Mind When Considering an Outdoor Fireplace

Things to Keep in Mind When Considering an Outdoor Fireplace

In and around the DC/Annapolis/Northern VA area there are many beautiful homes. For some, home is an escape from work, and they love to have their yards landscaped in such a way that it becomes an elegant oasis. Besides things like pools and waterfalls, one thing many area homes are adding on these days are outdoor fireplaces. VistaPro Landscape & Design helps people plan (and install) these fireplaces much to their delight. What are some things to keep in mind when considering an outdoor fireplace?

Outdoor Fireplace InstallationsFirst, consider the purpose of your new fireplace. Is it going to be a place for people to gather during the colder winter months, sitting around the fire outdoors even when the air temperature drops below 50 degrees? Or is the fireplace going to be primarily used by someone who likes to cook outdoors over an open flame? Will it be small or big, one-sided or two-sided? The purpose of the fireplace will largely determine the type you get.

Next, do you prefer a wood-burning or gas fireplace outdoors? Some people absolutely want the smell of burning wood, while others do not. In some areas, wood burning is not allowed, so gas is the viable alternative. Also, gas doesn’t emit ashes or embers, so it’s a bit safer than wood. Still, some like the rustic charm of a wood-burning fireplace, complete with the sound of crackling wood and the billow of smoke from atop the chimney. These are things to consider when thinking about your new outdoor fireplace.

Also, consider your home’s style and decor. Do you want a fireplace that “fits in perfectly” with the look or one that totally stands out from the rest of the house and yard? Do you prefer stonework or brick or even stucco? Scale-wise, you’ll want the fireplace to fit the space in a way that seems like it was tailor-made for where it ends up, rather than “way too big” or “way too small,” so the scale of the fireplace is important to take into account.

More and more people are adding outdoor fireplaces to their yards in 2017 and for the foreseeable future. If you’d like more information about outdoor fireplace options, please contact VistaPro Landscape & Design at today.

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