Things to Consider When Building a Pool Deck

Pool Deck InstallationsAre you thinking about adding a pool deck? VistaPro Landscape & Design designs and builds pool decks for people around Baltimore, DC, Annapolis and beyond.

Usually, a person’s pool is a centerpiece of their backyard. And while some people don’t have pool decks, most do because they’re convenient, helpful (to get in and out of the pool), and a nice place for people to gather and relax. Indeed, many people will go for a swim in their pool and then dry off “on deck.” Some even have an outdoor shower incorporated into their pool deck.

Reasons to Add a Pool Deck

When you’re thinking of adding a pool deck ask yourself, “What is its purpose?” Think about how much time you plan to spend using it. Will it be a busy place? Will kids use it? Do you think you’ll want shade? What kind of chairs or other outdoor furniture would you want on it? Any plans to do cookouts there? The purpose of a deck is your starting point.

Pool Deck Materials to Consider

Next, consider what materials you think your deck builder should use. If you want something that’s low maintenance and stays cool in hot weather, then concrete might be the material-of-choice. Of course, some people want a more woodsy look and feel, so they go with natural wood. Weather-resistant woods include redwood, cedar and cypress. Hardwoods include teak and ipe. If you like the look of wood but want something more modern, there’s “composite decking,” made of recycled plastic and wood fiber. Accents for your pool deck can include a variety of materials, including brick, stone, and tile.

Match Your Pool Deck With Your Home’s Decor Theme

A pool deck can, in ways, become a means of expression of how you live. When someone steps foot on it, they should be able to say, “This deck is ‘so you!’” The size, style and decorative look should align with your personal taste and current needs. It’s also nice when the deck seamlessly blends in with its surroundings.

Size-wise, you should make sure it’s large enough to handle the activities you plan to use it for, as well as the total number of people you’d see being on it at one time, at parties for instance. With pool decks, bigger is often better.

Ideally, you’ll want your deck attached to your home in such a way that you go from your home to the deck easily. Think about “traffic flow” when planning where to put the deck, its size, etc.

A Relaxing Haven

Pool Decks There are ways to make your pool deck feel like a sanctuary from the neighbors– talk with your deck designer about privacy elements as well as security elements. You don’t want to feel like your neighbors are constantly observing you on the deck– that’s awkward. You also want to have “adjustable” access to the deck, which could mean a gate with a lock in “the right place.”

Certain parts of your pool deck will most likely serve different functions, and therefore these sections can be delineated using certain elements like benches, planters or trellises. Much like you’d arrange a room in your house to maximize its usage in a comfortable and attractive way, so, too, would you arrange your deck.

When deciding the exact location of the deck, some things to keep in mind include the slope of the grade, existing plants and trees there or nearby, and what kind of views you’d see from that location. For example, if the deck can look out on to the lake or pond beyond the pool, that’s considered a great view. If, however, the view would be of your neighbor’s pool and you don’t really want to see that every day, privacy screening could be added to block that view.

Variables to Factor In

Practically speaking, other things to think about regarding a pool deck include your climate (the weather), the soil conditions and terrain of your yard, and where you’d get direct sunlight during the day versus shady spots. Also, even keep in mind “windy” spots because you might want to put up something to shield your deck from intense winds if wind is a problem in your area.

Using Your Deck to Host Get-Togethers

Installing Pool Decks Pool decks not only make it easier to get in and out of the pool, but they also serve other functions. You can entertain on the deck, eat meals, add a whirlpool spa to soak in, or grow a fragrant deck garden of flowers and/or vegetables. A pool deck can truly become a focal point of your yard– the kind of place you love spending time, especially after a long day at work.

VistaPro Landscape & Design can help you figure out the logistics for your pool deck addition. VistaPro also knows about building codes and legal requirements. Would you like a free site evaluation? We can meet and discuss your vision. Ideally, VistaPro wants the deck to match the look and feel of both your pool and backyard– the kind of design that will “wow” visitors.

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