The Right Pillows For Your Patio Furniture

colorful patio Choosing the right pillows for your patio sofa, chairs, and other outdoor furniture depends on a few factors, least of which is the color of your home’s exterior. Adding a colorful outdoor sofa to your patio can be a great way to brighten up the entire space, giving your outdoor area a unique look.

The right cushion match to improve the aesthetics and comfort of your patio takes some research and careful consideration. Basic white sofas may be the simplest to work with, because so many different colors go well with it. However, white sofas are easily dirtied, especially when it comes to furniture that is outdoors at all times. Experiment with different bold colors, and choose a few pillows with different hues of the same color. With a white sofa, you can try various pillows and mix and match how you see fit.

When you have an outdoor sofa with a bit more color, you have to be slightly more careful any time you’re trying to find the right pillows. Picking something that contrasts is usually a good idea. For example, dark blue pillows go nicely with yellow sofas and chairs. Likewise, if you have a purple or lavender sofa, there are many ways you can use pillows to complete the look of your patio and really accentuate specific colors. A different shade of purple may do just fine, or you could even pick pillows that have interesting patterns rather than a solid color.

Try different pillows and discover what works best with your specific patio furniture. The right furniture can bring your entire patio and the rest of your landscape together in a wonderful way. So take some careful considerations and take the time to get it right.

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