The Importance of Functional Landscape Lighting

The Importance of Functional Landscape Lighting

Landscape LightingYou know what’s annoying? Coming home to a house with no lights on inside or out… such that you can’t see a thing, it’s easy to trip over things like twigs, sticks, tricycles left out in the driveway, and/or steps you forget are there!

How many folks have you visited that had no landscape lighting? Those places aren’t safe.

Exterior Illumination

While plants typically matter most when hiring a landscaper to improve the look and feel of your yard, exterior illumination is just as important– if not more. After all, you and many other people are going to have to find the way into/out of the house when it’s dark outside. It’s better to have functional landscape lighting than not.

Functional Illumination

Of course, many homes have wall-mounted lights that help illuminate pathways, driveways and various plants in a yard. That’s good. But what about having lights literally along the railings of walkways, and/or showing off steps so people don’t forget they’re there? Today there are many options for excellent exterior illumination.

Functional landscape lighting enhances the appearance of your home at night. Lights can spotlight certain architectural features which will help your house stand out from the neighbors. Trees, plants, chimneys and other prominent items can be lit up, creating an almost magical, serene visual effect– a nighttime wonderland if you will.

Curb Appeal

Besides boosting curb appeal, lights brighten up patios, decks, front steps, and more– areas you can then functionally use even when it’s late at night. Landscape lighting is also good for home security purposes. The more lit up your house and yard are, the less likely criminals will want to be there– they don’t want to be seen.

Increased Safety

As mentioned earlier, lighting can help make people safer. If there are stairs, drop-offs, pools and/or tripping hazards, having lights on the subject will help people avoid problems. With no lights, though, good luck not stubbing your toe, tripping, or falling.

It’s getting to be that time of year when people spend a lot more time outdoors, utilizing their yards. Isn’t it time you called VistaPro Landscape & Design and discussed improving your functional landscape lighting? Please do! Call 301-805-0119 or use our contact page here for more info.

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