The Downfalls of DIY Landscaping

DIY Landscaping Some people think to themselves, “Well, I might as well do my own landscaping.” They go to Wal-mart and buy the cheapest stuff possible– cheap mulch, cheap plants, cheap plastic chairs… and they have every good intention of making their yard look good. However, there are some cons to DIY (do-it-yourself) landscaping.

Physical Demands

First of all, a lot of people aren’t able to handle the physical demands of landscaping. Because this sort of work involves heavy lifting, bending down, getting on one’s hands-and-knees, and sweating, a lot, landscaping is hard work! People with mobility issues will not have any easy time doing their own landscaping. People in poor health, or who are past a certain age and dealing with several health issues, may find the work to be just too challenging to complete on their own. Are you one of those people?

Trouble Getting Dirty

Next, some people are “allergic to dirt.” In other words, they just hate getting their hands dirty, and even though they think they can handle their own landscaping demands, the harsh reality is that landscaping is a dirty job. If you don’t want to get dirt under your fingernails or “ruin” your nice clothes, you should just hire a professional company like VistaPro to do the job.

Lack of Knowledge

Also, how much plant knowledge do you have? If you’re like most people, you see a plant and can identify that it’s indeed a plant, but that’s about as far as your knowledge goes. Fair enough. However, when you’re designing the look and feel of a yard, it really helps to be an expert on plants. How tall does this one grow and how far will it spread out? When does this bloom? Does this one need special fertilizer? These are questions that can be answered by a landscaping pro (from VistaPro), who can help you choose the best plants, grasses and mulches for your yard in your climate.

Finding Time

Finally, there’s the issue of time and how much time you really want to invest in doing the work yourself. For example, it might take you, on your own, years to accomplish what could be done in a week by a professional landscaper.

If you realize that DIY landscaping is not for you, and you’d like to consult with VistaPro for professional assistance in making your yard what you want it to be, please use our contact page.