The Benefits of Adding a Stone Wall to Your Landscape

Stone Masonry Wall Construction in Annapolis, MD

Stone Masonry Wall Construction in Annapolis, MDIncorporating stone masonry into your landscape has a stunning visual and functional impact on your yard. There are many creative ways to work stone into your outdoor space—patios, garden accents, splash rocks around the pool, walkways, columns, etc. One of the stone features with the most value to offer your yard is a stone wall.

Stone walls are not only beautiful to behold across a landscape, but they can also be extraordinarily useful to the home owner. Check out the different benefits you can enjoy when you install one to your property!  

Help define your outdoor space

Just as they do inside your home, walls in your yard can be used to separate the space into areas with distinctive functions. When your landscape is more clearly defined, you’re able to more clearly envision a use for each section and bring it to fruition. Doing the same with a wide-open space is more challenging.

Use stone walls to help define patio areas, outdoor kitchens, sections of your garden, pool and play areas, and more. They’re also useful for directing traffic in your yard to a certain path and highlighting the other views and design features you want people to notice.

Expand your garden

Adding stone walls to your landscape opens up more possibilities for design and plant life in your garden. If your yard is hilly and uneven, a stone retaining wall will help level it out and give you more functional garden space to work with. You can also use a wall to protect more vulnerable plants from the harsher effects of elements like wind and rain.

Stone walls can also be useful for directing sunlight toward or away from certain areas of your garden. Species that don’t do well in darker conditions can be planted in between the stones or in the shade of the wall. On the other hand, retaining walls used to level out hills offer structural support that enables you to plant light-loving flowers on those high points of your yard where they’ll be closer toward the sun.

Prevent soil erosion

Soil on uneven or sloped ground is more vulnerable to erosion, particularly from rain and irrigation runoff. A retaining wall helps hold the soil in place, reduces runoff levels, and slows the runoff that does reach it. By blocking the slopes in your yard, the wall catches excess water before it can dislodge soil or pool at the foundation of your home.

Irrigation in a yard with stone walls is also more effective because you can use the walls to direct water where you want it to go. This way, more of the water you’re using to nourish your landscape is actually absorbed by your plant life at the roots instead of running down the slope of your yard and into your driveway or basement.

Aesthetically enhance your landscape

There are many homeowners who are interested in stone walls for their visual appeal alone, unaware of the many functional benefits they have to offer as well. Stone contrasts beautifully with soft, natural landscape for an elegant and striking effect in your yard. The unique charm draws the eye and makes your outdoor space more attractive.

Additionally, stone walls can be customized with the material, color, shape, size, and other design elements that best compliment your existing landscape. A custom landscape feature this low-maintenance and durable will set your home apart and increase the value of your property long-term.

Whether you’re looking to add a brand-new stone wall to your landscape or update one that’s already in place, VistaPro Landscape & Design is here to help! We specialize in the design and construction of stone masonry walls using the finest stone and mortar available. Our walls and other stone features are built to both impress and last.

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