Sod Versus Grass Seeding

healthy yardThere are plenty of advantages to selecting sod over grass seed. If you have a bare spot on your lawn you are sick of looking at, sod will give you instant cover with much less attention than would planting grass seed. It’s also much less work to lay sod than it is to till soil, spread seed and keep your focus on maintaining the seeded area.

Often dead grass areas can be attributed to compacted or dense soil, thanks perhaps to high foot traffic or excessive water flow. Prior to planting grass seed under such conditions as these, the soil must be aerated. This procedure allows more oxygen introduction to the soil, crucial for healthy grass horticulture and sustenance. This is still may be a (milder) concern when laying sod, but there are still many more disadvantages to laying seed.

When laying sod, one thing you don’t have to worry about are birds. Birds love most kinds of seed, and grass seed is no exception. To birds, grass seed tastes incredible and will subsequently gobble it up in a few short days. With sod, the grass has already taken root, essentially, and can’t be eaten by any pesky birds.

Weather conditions are another factor that comes into play concerning grass seed. As light as seed is, you have to worry about it blowing away in the wind. All your hard work is rendered useless in one gust of wind. Good thing sod comes in 50lb rolls and nothing other than the strongest gale force wind is capable of budging laid grass. You also have to worry about washouts from heavy rains, sending all your painstaking labor down the drain and out to sea.

Watering sod is much more efficient as well, requiring only about 1 watering a day, to grass seed needing 4. Moreover, sod gives you instant cover for immediate soil protection. And having an instant lawn is the best payout when you are trying to cover up a brown dead lawn.

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