Severna Park Landscaping

At Vista Pro Landscape & Design, lawn and yard maintenance is our specialty. Our Severna Park, Maryland Landscapers have the experience and talent to ensure your lawn is cared for properly throughout the season.

Landscaping in Severna Park is a year-round endeavor. Lawns and yards have four distinct seasons of growth, and there are four distinct seasons for landscaping and maintenance. What needs to be done depends on the time of year.

Landscaping and Maintenance for Spring

Once the snow has melted from the landscape, it’s time to start spring time maintenance. Some of the most common tasks homeowners face are:

  • Fertilizing the Lawn
  • Repairing Dead Patches of Lawn
  • Treat Crabgrass Areas with Herbicide
  • Dethatch and Aerate Weak Lawns

Landscaping and Maintenance for Summer

The summer months are a busy time for landscaping and lawn maintenance. Grass grows quickly, and there are lots of lawn related chores to attend to:

  • Mow Regularly and as Needed (This can be quite a bit if there has been abundant rain.)
  • If Possible, Leave Clippings on the Lawn
  • Remove 1/3 of the Grass Height at Any One Time

As the summer progresses, homeowners need to raise the mowing height. Having taller grass means the law will hold up to heat and drought better than tightly manicured lawns. Additionally, alternating mowing patterns assists in creating strips and ruts. The lawn should also be watered in the morning so that at least an inch of hydration is provided to the lawn each week.

Landscaping and Maintenance for Fall

The traditional fall chores are always applicable:

  • Fertilize the lawn
  • Rake Leaves as Needed

Of course, it’s also important to overseed a new lawn. Refresh spots that are patchy or bare, with additional grass weed. It’s important to begin this task in mid-September for colder climates. Mid-October is ideal for overseeding if the climate isn’t as cold.

Landscaping and Maintenance for Winter

Many homeowners believe there isn’t too much to be done for lawns in the winter. However, it’s important to continue caring for lawns. If the lawn is still green in the winter, lightly dose the lawn with nitrogen fertilizer. Avoid walking on dormant or frozen lawns. Additionally, avoid using salt near the lawn. Try kitty litter or sand instead.

Vista Pro Landscaping & Design services are delivered by talented Severna landscapers who are dedicated to ensuring a homeowner’s lawn is cared for in the best possible manner at all times. We take pride in our work and strive to deliver the best service possible to our clients.

For more information about our services and availability, please contact us immediately. One of our associates will provide you with the information you need in a timely manner.