Severn Landscaping

Landscaping can increase the overall value of your home. However, when sprucing up your yard, there are a few things homeowners need to keep in mind. Installing a patio is always a good idea. Putting in native plants and an irrigation system are also great ideas. Adding a dramatic makeover to your yard, such as a water feature can add life to a landscape. Here are 5 basic key considerations our Severn landscaping professionals recommend to prepare homeowners to make the right decision when it comes to water features:

Sound Selection: What Type of Sound Are You Looking For?

When considering what type of water feature to create, it’s important to determine what the intention is behind the water feature. To determine this, homeowners should ask themselves:

  • Am I looking for tranquility, like a Zen garden or bubbling brook?
  • Am I looking for something theatrical, such as a waterfall, or flowing fountain?
  • Am I trying to mask the sounds of traffic or barking dogs?

The type of sounds a homeowner is looking for, relate quite specifically to the purpose of the water feature. Homeowners who aren’t sure what type of feature to use can ask for a recommendation from our expert Severn, Maryland landscapers employed by Vista Pro Landscaping & Design.

Aquatic Appearance: What Visual Effect Are You Creating?

Water features consist of anything aquatic. Bird baths, bubbler statues, and potted fish bowls are all water features that can add life to your landscaping. Homeowners don’t always have to go all out with ponds and spurting fountains, unless that’s what the homeowner is looking for. There are many types of strategies that homeowners can use to create stunning visual effects. In-ground and above-ground features are available, as well as other options to help homeowners achieve the look they desire.

Proper Placement: Where Should Your Water Feature Be Installed?

Matching the water feature to the rest of the yard is crucial. Location is an important part of the effect the water feature will have on the rest of the landscaping. Adding a water feature to the front yard is a great way to create more curb appeal. Of course, most homeowners don’t spend much time on the front porch, so this may not always be the best option. Our landscapers in Severn can help homeowners determine exactly where the water feature should be placed.

Installation: Let Our Experts Assist You in Installation

There are a multitude of do-it-yourself kits for water features. These kits have numerous working parts, such as liners, pumps, filters, aerators, motors, and piping. Of course, this isn’t even taking the other materials into consideration. Stone, metal, wood, concrete, or a mixture of materials may be used. Hiring our Severn landscapers can help save homeowners headache and expense. This means there will be no worries about permits, utility cables, and electrical wiring.

Pricing: How Much Do Water Features Cost?

Bigger isn’t always better. Our landscapers can assist you in determining how much a homeowner needs to spend to get the maximum return on their investment. Only a portion of a homeowner’s budget should be applied to landscaping. Luxury landscaping items won’t always draw in the best return. In most cases, subtle additions make the best investments.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to installing water features. However, the professionals here at Vista Pro Landscaping & Design have years of experience to help homeowners make the best landscaping decisions possible. Contact us today for more information about water features.