September Lawn Care to-do List

lawn careAs the oppressive summer heat turns to milder, fall like temperatures, there is quite the shift in our priorities. As we depressingly stow away our brightly and pastel-colored summer wear and break out the sweaters, we don’t necessarily have to put away the yard tools. Keep your yard lively and until the bitter winds blow.
What to Plant
Obviously as the fall rolls around, your garden is ready for fall annuals. Pansies and viola bulbs are perfect autumn additions to your garden and the colder the better before outing them in the ground. Flowers aren’t the only addition you should welcome to your garden in the fall months. Certain vegetables and fruits also love the colder temperatures. Lettuce, spinach, arugula and radishes all flourish in cooler autumn conditions.
Lawn Care Tips & Tricks
No one likes raking leaves. So what if you never had to rake again? Mowing over fallen leaves is much more effective and much quicker than using a cumbersome rake. Moreover, mowing over your leaves essentially turns them into mulch.
Mowing your leaves provides nutrients to your lawn as the leaves break down on your lawn through the colder months. And even though no one likes cutting the grass, most can agree it’s much better than dragging a rake over your lawn for 4 hours and shoveling leaves into a garbage bag.
Also you may want to stock up on the mulch toward the end of the summer. Not only are you sure to get unmatched prices to any other time of year, but mulch is important to your plants in the winter. To protect your more vulnerable and tender plants during the cold winter, pile mulch in your beds—particularly around the base of shrubs.
So as we close our pools, exchanging for the crystal-clear blue waters of summer for the brown muck we’re greeted with every spring, our yards don’t have to be completely vacant of living inspiration. There are plenty of flowers and fruits you can plant to keep you busy into December and tricks to keep your yard healthy through the winter. Oh and don’t forget to put down netting barrier to protect your hard work from the deer; they’re much more present in the fall!

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