Safety Tips for Winter Hot Tubbing

Backyard Spa Landscape Design in Annapolis, MDTaking a warm, cozy soak in your backyard spa in the frigid winter is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the season while staying toasty and relaxed! Using your spa or hot tub in cold weather takes a different toll on your body though, so it’s important to go about it safely.

Last month, our experts gave you the lowdown on how to maintain your backyard spa during the winter to keep it in great condition all season. Now, we want to make sure you know how to keep yourself in great condition when you step outside for that soothing winter dip!

Take extra caution as you enter and exit.

The biggest difference between using your backyard spa in winter and during the rest of the year is the temperature shock your body experiences getting in and out. Minimize the adjustment your body has to make by staying as warm as you can when you go to and from your hot tub.

Wear a fluffy robe or large towel on the walk from your door and keep it in arm’s reach when you remove it for your soak, so you can easily grab it when you exit. A pair of sandals or slippers is also essential, to separate your wet feet from the cold ground.

Watch your soak times.

It’s easy to settle into the warm reprieve of spa water and spend hours relaxing in the magical, wintry outdoors. Staying in the hot water too long though can be dangerous to your health.

When it’s submerged in the warm water and exposed to the cold air at the same time, your body has a difficult time properly regulating your internal body temperature.

You may be hotter than you realize, which can lead to dizziness, heatstroke, and even loss of consciousness. Plus, the switch between extreme hot and cold puts a lot of stress on your body as it is. Limit your soak times to about 20-30 minutes and take measures to stay hydrated. Drink water or a warm beverage to stay hydrated but combat the cold and try to avoid consuming alcohol while you’re in your spa, as this will only dehydrate you faster.

As long as you know how to take care of yourself and your backyard spa, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy your own backyard oasis year-round! At VistaPro Landscape & Design, we can help you choose or create the perfect backyard spa to keep you warm and de-stressed for many winters to come. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!