Retaining Wall Installation near Baltimore & DC

One of the best ways to make the landscaping around the exterior of your home stand out is by incorporating unique design features into it.

From trees and flowers to ponds and pools, there are all sorts of ways to effectively create a distinctive landscape.

One of the most simple and elegant additions comes in the form of a retaining wall.

VistaPro Landscape & Design has experience with retaining walls and hardscaping, and is happy to build one into your yard to help your landscaping truly stand out. Whether you want basic cement walls or custom brick construction at your home in Virginia, Annapolis or Washington, D.C., we can work with you to design and build a beautiful retaining wall that is made to last.

So what is a retaining wall?

It’s a sturdy hardscaping structure that is designed to either hold or retain soil behind it.

There are a range of different materials that can be used to build retaining walls, including:

  • Cement
  • Timber
  • Rock

Additionally, retaining walls can be construction to nearly any height you want them, and once you have your retaining wall in place, you can put soil behind it and use it as a planting bed to install flowers, shrubs, grasses or any other kind of decorative plant life.

VistaPro Landscape & Design can show you different types of retaining walls and help you pick out the hardscaping option that works best for you. There are some homeowners that love cement walls and want us to build them a concrete wall, while others prefer wooden retaining walls that deliver a more rustic look to match the look and feel of everything else on their property.

We can even design custom walls that incorporate other elements.

The great thing about retaining walls is that you have plenty of options with them, and VistaPro Landscape & Design can show them all to you. We can also work with you to narrow down your choices and ultimately select the ideal option for your property.

Call us today in the at Washington, D.C. area at 301-805-0119; at 410-878-2100 in Annapolis; in Virginia at 703-652-4545 to find out why a retaining wall might be right for you.