Reasons to Use a Professional Landscaping Service

Reasons to Use a Professional Landscaping Service

Professional Landscape Designs If you’ve ever driven past a particular home in the suburbs and said, “What beautiful landscaping they have!” then it’s highly likely you’ve seen the work of a professional landscaping company like VistaPro Landscape & Design.

Great landscapes take time, money, effort and energy to happen. There’s a lot of planning involved, and then a lot of work to transform a plain yard into one that looks like it should be on the cover of a magazine.

Great landscapes take time, money, effort and energy to happen. There’s a lot of planning involved, and then a lot of work to transform a plain yard into one that looks like it should be on the cover of a magazine.

While you could “do-it-yourself” when it comes to landscaping, chances are you don’t have the training, background, expertise, tools, manpower, and/or time to do the job. That’s why it’s so smart to hire a professional landscaper.

A Mix of Experience and Expertise

A professional landscaping company like VistaPro can be so helpful in determining how your yard gets a makeover. People who work in landscaping are “ideas people.” They draw on their past experience with other yards and homes and then look at yours… “What can I bring to this project to make the customer happy?” Professionals combine expertise and talent for transforming yards into something “new” and “beautiful.”

Professional Landscaping Benefits Nearly Limitless Options

Do you want options? Professionals can give you options. A professional landscaper can do research to figure out what makes sense in your yard– and where it should go. Then he or she can share this information with you, even drawing up plans to look at and mull over. Should an outdoor fireplace be incorporated into the patio? Would a water feature make sense off the back deck? If so, should it be tall or mostly horizontal, low to the ground? Does this yard cry out for a cobblestone path? These details are what landscape designers care about. Your yard is like a great puzzle to them, where they want to bring pieces together to finish the puzzle to your satisfaction.

Efficient Use of Resources

Of course money is a factor– isn’t it? Therefore, you and your landscape designer can come up with the budget for what you want to accomplish, and then find things that fit that budget. Oftentimes, people have many, many ideas of what “could” go in their yard. Then they tell their designer, who makes renderings of what those ideas would look like. The customer then gets to see costs involved– before any money is spent on actual changes to the property. Maybe they want the pool but decide not to go with the outdoor fireplace. Or perhaps they want a pergola instead of a retractable awning. These decisions can be made with a professional who offers his or her expert opinion on what makes sense, both aesthetically and fiscally. After all, transforming a yard is a big deal, requiring lots of work. Rather than take on that whole burden alone, customers are glad they’ve got someone to bounce ideas off of and then discuss the nitty gritty, which includes the costs associated with making their dreams come true in the backyard.

Improve the Value of Your Property

Professional Landscaping ServicesProfessional landscaping versus “do-it-yourself” means that your overall home value goes up quite a bit– typically by 10 percent. Therefore, it’s a good return-on-investment. Even before you think of selling the house, though, you might as well enjoy the improved landscaping yourself. Many people love walking out their backdoor to their own private paradise, created, in part, with their input.

Avoiding Arduous Labor

From a practical standpoint, most people hire professional landscapers not only for their design expertise, but also to do the hard labor associated with changing the look of the yard. For instance, 100-pound paving stones aren’t something easily put in the back of a car and then placed around the yard– unless you’re a bodybuilder with a really big car who welcomes that sort of challenge. Putting stones around the yard also involves digging holes in the ground. While that may be fun work for some people, for most it’s not– so they hire a professional landscaper to do the heavy lifting and hard labor.

Optimizing Your Property

Finally, there are some other benefits of professional landscaping. With the right placement of certain trees and bushes, you can help lower your home’s energy bills since those plants will reduce the surrounding air temperatures as much as six degrees.  And a drainage system can be installed to help redirect water away from your home’s foundation, so that helps too.

Are you ready to maximize your yard’s potential? Want to see it transformed into an outdoor living space where you’ll have a nice time relaxing and chatting with friends and family? Get a free consultation from VistaPro Landscape & Design– use this page to make it happen.

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