Professional Lawn Mowing Service

Professional Lawn Mowing Service

Lawn Mowing for Annapolis & Surrounding Areas

Essential for healthy grass growth, mowing creates an attractive lawn and helps to eliminate unwanted pests that can invade and impact the growth of plants.

When you hire VistaPro Landscape & Design to take care of your mowing we mow the lawn in a uniform style, make sure the clippings are scattered evenly and cleanup any clippings that are on walkways and in flower beds.

Lawn & Garden Weeding

weeding, edging, mowingA tedious and time consuming task, weeding is also a necessary one.

If weeds aren’t addressed on a regular basis, they will eventually take over the garden, causing stress on flowers and plants.

  • With VistaPro Landscape & Design’s grounds management services, your landscaping will always be free of weeds.

Spring and Fall Leaf Removal

Important for the prevention of damage to the lawn, shrubs and plants throughout the winter, leaf removal should be performed throughout the fall season.

  • When leaves are left in the landscaping over the winter, they begin to decay and can encourage unwanted pests that will destroy your lawn and, in some cases, find their way inside your home.