Peat Moss a Must to Any New Garden or Lawn

13331298_SPeat moss is a very advantageous addition to any lawn or garden. In fact, there are some pretty impressive benefits that come along with using peat moss. First of all, peat moss keeps birds from eating grass seed. It provides a layer of protection so birds can’t just land and eat all the seeds they want, leaving you with a bare patch. The mosses crumbly texture isn’t optimal for birds to land or stand on and complicates the eating process.

Having a layer of peat moss also protects seed against blowing away in the wind. Too often, grass seed is spread over a large area, but when a gust of wind comes it all gets blown onto concrete or out of the area completely. This is a waste of money and seeds. Peat moss is the most natural way to keep the seeds in place on a windy day. For notoriously windy climates, moss is a necessity.

Another reason to use peat moss is that it breaks down organically, improving soil quality too. Adding this natural ingredient to heavy soil that resembles clay, transforms it into softer looser soil. On the other hand, it helps sandy soil feel more substantial and retain more water. It also provides nutrients and promotes root growth for healthier grass, plants and trees.

Economically, peat moss is a smart choice. When you purchase a bale of peat moss, it might not look like a lot. However, when removed and placed onto the soil, it will expand to twice the size. In addition to that, it will last for years so you won’t have to buy new peat moss each spring. Slow decomposition saves you money and also provides more nutrients over a longer period of time to your soil and plants.This all-natural add-on can improve grass or gardens as well as composting. It can lengthen the lifetime of compost by five times. If you’ve never used peat moss – what are you waiting for?

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