Ideas for Using a Pergola or Arbor in Your Yard

Pergola and Arbor Construction in Annapolis, MD

Choosing the right outdoor structure to take your outdoor space to the next level is just one half of the equation. The other half? Knowing how to make the best use out of it. If you decide to add a pergola or an arbor to your landscape, your options for using them are abundant.

Pergolas and arbors are similar, so many of their potential uses overlap. The biggest difference between the two is that a pergola is usually constructed as an overhang off of another structure, such as the back of your house, while an arbor is a freestanding structure. The ideas below will work for whichever one you choose, so take a look and see what might work best for your needs and lifestyle!

Extend your garden.

Pergolas and arbors are both perfect structures for designing and growing a vertical garden on your landscape. You could keep it simple and just hang potted plants from the perimeter, which might be easier for an attached pergola. Or, go all out and turn the legs into trellises for your favorite flowers or, if you prefer to keep the legs as they are, grow vines up them and weave over the top.

Add shade and privacy to a deck or patio.

Fully covering a deck or patio can be an expensive and extensive endeavor. Instead, build a pergola or arbor over one corner or section to provide shade and privacy for a designated seating area. Top the structure with a lightweight roof or grow vines across the top for a more unique, but just as effective, covering. This will make the perfect spot for an outdoor living room, kitchen, theater, or other entertainment area.

Create a poolside lounge.

If you want to add a shaded area to relax by the pool, a pergola or arbor is a great solution. It will sort of be like having a pool house, but more open and inviting for entertaining. You can place chairs and a table underneath, build a poolside bar, or even make it a private area for a hot tub or backyard spa. For even more shade and privacy, hang curtains at the sides to open and close as you please.

Carve out a garden relaxation or storage spot.

A small arbor, or pergola depending on the layout of your landscape, is a beautiful feature for enhancing your garden area. It will give your garden a more elegant and enchanted look, as well as opportunity for you to grow vertically. Add a bench or a swing underneath for a peaceful break area when you’re tending to your landscape, or just for when you want to immerse yourself in nature. Or, add a decorative storage bench or bins for a convenient place to keep your gardening tools.

Give the kids an outdoor play area.

Want to encourage yours kids to spend time outside or just get them out of the house (and your hair) more often? Build a pergola or arbor in your yard and make it a special spot for kids to play and hangout. Keep their outdoor and some indoor toys underneath it, a table and chairs, or some lounge seating for older kids to hang with friends. Put it on top of some kid-friendly flooring, such as soft patio tile, and let them help you decorate it to their liking.

At VistaPro Landscape & Design, our master carpenters specialize in both pergola design and construction and arbor design and construction. Whichever structure you decide is right for your property, we’ll build you one that is perfectly-suited for whatever function you plan to assign to your new outdoor space.

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